Our Metal Cladding

We can manufacture sheet metal products in a variety of metal, each best suited for specific applications. Information on the most common types of metal we supply can be found below.


Aluminium is the third most abundant element in the earth’s crust. It is ductile, non-magnetic and an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. Furthermore, Aluminium and its alloys are highly resistant to corrosion. When exposed to air the metal develops a thin film of Aluminium Oxide (Al203) almost immediately. This film is colourless, tough and non-flaking; few chemicals can dissolve it.

Aluminium is an excellent reflector of all forms of radiated energy. It reflects about about 90% of radiated heat – making it ideal for keeping heat in or out.

We carry extensive stocks in 1000mm wide coil form of 20swg, 22swg and 24swg Stucco embossed (hammerclad) and plain aluminium.

The grade of stucco aluminium we use is type 1050A-H14 BS1470-1970.

Our plain aluminium coils are poly-coated one side to protect the metal during manufacture.


Aluzinc is a mild steel sheet continuously hot dipped with an Aluminium / Zinc coating (approx. 55% Aluminum 43.4% Zinc) coating weight – 185 grammes per square metre. It has excellent corrosion resistance properties – at least six times that of galvanised sheet (An Aluzinc sheet has withstood 12 years of constant salt spray testing at Dungeness Power Station without red rust corrosion at any corner edge of face)

We usually have the following types & gauges in stock

  • 0.4mm Flat Aluzinc
  • 0.5mm Flat Aluzinc
  • 0.7mm Flat Aluzinc
  • 0.5mm Petrochem Aluzinc (Reeded 1mm profile)
  • 0.5mm Dobelshield Aluzinc (Stucco Embossed)

Please note that we cannot guarantee the spangle / appearance on the 0.4mm and 0.5mm will be the same. If you are ordering both gauges for a single job then there may be a visible difference in each metal. Please bear this in mind when ordering.

Polyester-Coated Aluminium

We can supply 3103 H25 grade aluminium, painted one side with primer and full gloss white polyester. For added protection this is supplied within a plastic protective film.

This material is suitable for use in areas where there is little possibility of impact or abrasion damage i.e. at low levels, in areas of restricted access or at higher levels in public areas.

This metal will perform effectively as cladding or roofing with an ultimate life of at least 30 years. However, the coating will chalk and there may be a colour change. Furthermore painting will be necessary after 10 years in industrial conditions or after 15 years in less aggressive environments.

Extra Care is required when handing this material on site to prevent damage to the coating.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is produced in many types and forms – ferritic, martensitic and austenitic. The austenitic class offers the most resistance to corrosion in the stainless group, owing to its substantial nickel and chromium content.

Austenitic stainless steels are hardened and strengthened through cold working (changing the structure and shape of steel by applying stress at low temperature) instead of using heat treatment.

The two most common grades are type 304 (the most widely specified stainless steel, providing corrosion resistance in numerous standard services) and type 316 (similar to 304 with molybdenum added to increase opposition to various forms of deterioration). We are able to supply in both of these grades and usually have stock of this material in 1000mm wide coil.